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Moving forward and continually learning is my ultimate goal as a professional, and something I take great pride in. I also believe that an auctioneer's job is more than just selling merchandise. Many times we are selling merchandise from an estate that represents someone's life. I understand the sorrow that a family feels while watching a loved one's life being sold. I believe that my strong Christian faith will help me guide the family in these times of discomfort. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and to have an enjoyable experience at our auctions.

Chad Bricker

What Do We Auction?


Antiques, collectibles, tools,
glassware, electronics, memorabilia.


Desks, dressors, chairs, lamps,
Couches, bed frames, end tables, chests.


Farm land, wooded property,
residential buildings, commercial buildings.


Cars, trucks, boats, trailers,
Off road vehicles, tractors, lawn mowers.

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Chad Bricker

Chad Bricker

Auctioneer # AU11600027
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Kelly Bricker

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