What Do We Auction?


Antiques, collectibles, tools,
glassware, electronics, memorabilia.


Desks, dressors, chairs, lamps,
Couches, bed frames, end tables, chests.


Farm land, wooded property,
residential buildings, commercial buildings.


Cars, trucks, boats, trailers,
Off road vehicles, tractors, lawn mowers.

Our Service Rates

Each individual item sold in our auction can be calculated using our sliding scale. The final auction sale price will be subject to a percentage of commission based on the chart below.

Transportation & Labor

There is a $25 local pickup fee which includes 1 truck/trailer, and 2 movement crew members.
Additional labor fees will be charged for pick ups lasting longer than 1 hour.
Contact us for a quote for out of town pick up out of the Jay County area.

There is a $13 per hour per person for loading of consignments.

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